EU FP6 Integrated Project QUANTIFY

Quantifying the Climate Impact of Global and European Transport Systems

1 March 2005 to 28 February 2010

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QUANTIFY emission inventories and scenarios  New QUANTIFY / ATTICA Stakeholder Meeting 24 June 2010

QUANTIFY, an Integrated Project coordinated by the DLR-Institute of Atmospheric Physics, started in March 2005 with a large kick-off event in Landshut. It dealt with the climate impact of transport and was funded until February 2010 by the European Commission within the 6th research framework programme. QUANTIFY also included the DLR Institute of Transport Research (Berlin) and the Research Flight Facility Oberpfaffenhofen. In total, 41 participants and 6 associated members from 17 European countries, the U.S.A., China and India were cooperating in QUANTIFY. The research topics were organized in 8 closely linked subprojects. They focused on quantification of the impact of air, sea and land traffic on the global climate. Accompanying measurement campaigns with research aircraft were an innovative part of QUANTIFY. Further goals were the dissemination of results through a web portal with eLearning function, provision of an emission inventory database, a summer school, and the organisation of the international conferences, TAC 2006 and 2009.

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