TAC logo 2nd International Conference on
Transport, Atmosphere and Climate

22-25 June 2009
Aachen, DE and Maastricht, NL
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Please download the TAC-2 overview agenda HERE (PDF, as of 9 June).

Oral and poster programme

There are 51 oral presentations and 46 posters.

Please download the TAC-2 detailed agenda and session programme HERE (PDF, as of 25 June) and check the type and timing of your presentation as well as the correctness of the title and author names.

Internet access and phone/fax during the conference

There will be free wireless internet access during the conference. The internet connection will work in the lobby of the conference hall, that is, in the poster and coffee break area. Please try to refrain from being online in the conference hall during the TAC-2 sessions.

The registration desk can be reached via phone or fax:

  • Phone: +49-241-9131-540
  • Fax: +49-241-9131-541

Travel support for students and PhD students

Travel support funds for young researchers (student or PhD student level) are available from the QUANTIFY Training budget. To apply for travel support funds, please register and also provide the following documents (via eMail to Anja Blum):

  • Proof of young researcher status (student or PhD student certificate by the university or research institute),
  • Letter of recommendation by the student's supervisor.

Travel support will be fowarded to the students after the TAC-2 conference, with an accompanying letter to their supervisors.

How to prepare your oral or poster presentation

Please use PowerPoint for the oral presentations. They should be compatible with Windows XP and Office 2003. Dear Mac users or fans of Vista with Office 2007 - please make sure prior to the TAC-2 conference that your presentation runs without problems on the XP/2003 combination. Presentations shall be uploaded well before your sessions. Please avoid using your own computer for the TAC-2 presentation.

For the poster presentations, the standard format is A0 portrait. The poster stands are rigid panels. We will provide adequate material to attach the posters to these panels.

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