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Directory Structure of the CCMVal Archive at BADC

Model output from several CCMs is currently being stored in the CCMVal archive at the
British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) (see Partcipating CCMs) for the convenience and necessity of CCMVal activities conducted by investigators associated with the participating modeling groups. If you want to work with these data please visit the Guidelines for CCMVal Collaborators. Contact for questions: Veronika Eyring

CCMVal Archive
Directory Structure at BADC
Directory Structure at BADC

  • The CCMVal-1 data which were stored in the /project_spaces/ccmval area have now been moved to the main BADC archive under the restricted area /badc/ccmval/data/CCMVal-1. This new directory is the long-term archive which is backuped, wheras the project_spaces are not backuped.
    The data can be accessed either via FTP under /badc/ccmval/ or through the web at:
    The project space area (
    project_spaces/ccmval) is still operational for CCMVal-2 project members.
BADC Help Desk
  • If you carry out studies with the CCMVal-1 data, please note the following:
    • CCMVal-1 model output that has been used in the three multi-CCM Assessment papers (Eyring et al., 2006; 2007; and Waugh & Eyring, 2008 see also CCMVal Contribution No 1, 2 and 28) and in support of WMO (2007) is stored in the directory /badc/ccmval/data/CCMVal-1/WMO2006_RUN
    • If you want to work with CCMVal-1 model output, please use files from this directory (/badc/ccmval/data/CCMVal-1/WMO2006_RUN) for the following models: AMTRAC, CCSRNIES, CMAM, E39C, GEOSCCM, LMDZrepro, MAECHAM4CHEM, SOCOL, UMETRAC, UMSLIMCAT, and WACCM
    • For MRI and ULAQ updated runs with improved performance are available (see CCMVal Errata website for details). Thererfore for MRI and ULAQ please use the data stored at /badc/ccmval/data/CCMVal-1/NEW_RUNS in the directories REF1 or REF2 and not the ones stored under /badc/ccmval/data/CCMVal-1/WMO2006_RUN.
  • New data collected for the DYNAMICS data request (see CCMVal Contribution No 5) are placed in the directory /badc/ccmval/data/CCMVal-1/DYNAMICS. Please create a subdirectory using the name of your model and in the subdirectory of your model, please create a directory that specifies the simulation (REF1/REF2/SCN2).
Veronika Eyring
Output converted into CCMVal-2 CF compliant netCDF format
  • CCMVal-1 input data have been converted into CCMVal-2 CF compliant netCDF files. Those data include AMTRAC, CCSRNIES, CMAM, E39C, GEOSCCM, LMDZrepro, MAECHAM4CHEM, SOCOL, UMETRAC, UMSLIMCAT, and WACCM converted from files stored under /badc/ccmval/data/CCMVal-1/WMO2006_RUN and MRI and ULAQ from  /badc/ccmval/data/CCMVal-1/NEW_RUNS.  They are ready to use for people who prefer working with netCDF files rather than ascii.
  • Data at BADC under the directory /project_spaces/ccmval/DIAGNOSTICTOOL/CCMVal-1_convertedto_CCMVal-2CFcompliantnetCDFfiles
Veronika Eyring and Irene Cionni
CCMVal-2 data
  • CCMVal-2 data will be made available for CCMVal Collaborators in the directory /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2
  • During CCMVal "PHASE 0" the CCMVal-2 model output will not be available for the registered CCMVal collaborators but only for the CCM groups and the author teams of the upcoming SPARC CCMVal report. This phase is to make sure that the runs can be quickly made available to the author  teams but to ensure that during this test phase CCMVal collaborators are not starting to work with the data before no one has actually looked at these runs whether they have bugs etc.
  • The output of all model runs is collected in Climate and Forecast (CF) standard compliant netCDF format for any future CCMVal data requests, see CCMVal-2 Data request 2008.  To distinguish files from model simulations of other projects, each file name starts with the string ‘CCMVal2_’ where 2 stands for the second round. From now on we refer to the runs submitted in support of WMO 2006 as CCMVal-1 Archive. The directory structure at BADC has been changed accordingly:
    • /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-1
    • /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2
  • The simulations for the CCMVal-2 Archive are called REF-B1, REF-B2, REF-B0, CTL-B0, SCN-B1, SCN-B2a, SCNB2b, SCN-B2c, and SCN-B2d in order to distinguish them from the simulations that have been submitted to the CCMVal-1 Archive (REF1, REF2, SCN1, SCN2), see Eyring, V. et al., Overview of the New CCMVal Reference and Sensitivity Simulations in Support of Upcoming Ozone and Climate Assessments and the Planned SPARC CCMVal, SPARC Newsletter No. 30, p.20-26, 2008.
  • To all CCMVal model groups who submit model output to BADC, please follow the following instructions:
    • cd /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2
    • Change to the appropriate run directory (e.g. REF-B0)
      • /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2/REF-B0
      • /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2/REF-B1
      • /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2/REF-B2
      • /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2/CTL-B0,
      • /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2/SCN-B1
      • /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2/SCN-B2a
      • /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2/SCN-B2b
      • /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2/SCN-B2c
      • /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2/SCN-B2d
    • Create a directory with your model name (e.g. /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2/REF-B2/WACCM)
    • Submit all output that belongs to e.g. the REF-B2 simulation to this directory (no sub-directories for different ensemble members, as they are labeled through the filename ${ID-ENSEMBLE}).
17/09/08 Veronika Eyring
CCMVal-2 data
  • Use ftp and you will find the CCMVal-2 data under /project_spaces/ccmval/CCMVal-2
  • The CCMVal-2 data will soon be moved to  /badc/ccmval/data/CCMVal-2 (use ftp

Veronika Eyring

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