Publications in peer-reviewed journals

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PhD and master students

Media reports

Presentations at conferences

Coming next

AGU, San Francisco, Dec 2015

Bernd Kaifler talked about "".

ICAM, Innsbruck, 2015

Sonja Gisinger presented a poster on "Gravity wave characteristics derived from radiosonde observations at Lauder (45 °S 169 °E) during DEEPWAVE-NZ".

Martina Bramberger presented a poster on "Does strong tropospheric forcing cause large amplitude mesospheric waves? A Deepwave Case Study".

Tanja Portele presented a poster on "Mountain Wave Propagation under Transient Tropospheric Forcing".

12th International Workshop on Layered Phenomena in the Mesopause Region, Boulder, USA, 10.-13. August 2015

Bernd Kaifler presented a talk on "Gravity wave observations in the middle atmosphere at a mid-latitude southern-hemisphere site" and a poster on "New lidar systems at the German Aerospace Center"

26. IUGG, Prague, 29 June 2015

Benedikt Ehard presented a talk on "Lidar observations of gravity waves in the middle atmosphere over Lauder, New Zealand"

EGU, Vienna, April 2015

Lidar measurements were presented by Natalie Kaifler in the internal gravity wave session on Tuesday: "Lidar measurements of gravity waves in the middle atmosphere in southern hemisphere winter above New Zealand"

In the subsequent poster session, Sonja Gisinger presented "Gravity wave characteristics retrieved from radiosonde observations during DEEPWAVE-NZ".

Andreas Dörnbrack gave a talk on "Large-scale atmospheric conditions during DEEPWAVE-NZ" in the acoustic-gravity wave session on Friday.

Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society, Heidelberg, March 2015

Natalie Kaifler presented lidar results from DEEPWAVE: "Lidar-Messungen von Schwerewellen in der mittleren Atmosphäre während der DEEPWAVE-Kampagne in Neuseeland"

Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society, Wuppertal, March 2015

On March 19th, Markus Rapp gave two presentations for the working group "Extraterrestrical physics" in Wuppertal:

AGU, San Francisco, December 2014

Andreas Dörnbrack presented a poster on "Large-scale atmospheric conditions during DEEPWAVE-NZ".


Data Meeting, Boulder, May 2015

At May 4th-6th, a data meeting took place at Boulder, Colorado. From IPA, Markus Rapp, Andreas Dörnbrack, Bernd Kaifler and Benjamin Witschas gave presentations on our current state of data processing.

Data Meeting, IPA, February 2015

On February, 14th, a data meeting took place at IPA. Agenda:

Most datasets are available at the HALO database (intern).

The next data meeting is scheduled for summer 2015.

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