GW-LCYCLE2 Campaign in January 2016 in Scandinavia

The GW-LCYCLE2 campaign will take place in northern Scandinavia in January 2016 in conjunction with Polstracc. The DLR Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre will take part with both airborne and ground-based instruments for atmospheric soundings. The HALO aircraft and DLR Falcon aircraft will be stationed at Kiruna, Sweden. A ground-based lidar is installed at Sodankylä, Finnland. Radiosondes will be launched from Esrange, Kiruna.

GW-LCYCLE2 is part of the ROMIC programme funded by BMBF. It is dedicated to the study of atmospheric gravity waves. Based on extensive forecast modelling, measurements by aircraft instruments will be coordinated with ground-based measurements to study dynamical processes in the polar winter atmosphere.

Project partners:

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