19 - 21 November 2004
DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany





21 Representatives from Austria(1), Germany (12), France(1), Slovenia (1) Turkey (2), USA(1) and Switzerland (3) took part in this meeting.
Chairman: Olivier Liechti

1. Forecasts for glidingPresentations
 Local soundings at GCs Richard Heinrich (GER)Part I (0.2 Mbyte)
Part II (0.3 Mbyte)
Part III (1.2 Mbyte)
 Unmanned measurement platform Holger Fritsch (GER)PDF (0.2 Mbyte)
 Meteorological briefings at GCs Daniel Murer (SWI)PDF (5.2 Mbyte)
 Meteorological support at WGCs Erland Lorenzen (GER)PDF (1.2 Mbyte)
 Verification of TopTask forecasts for GCs Olivier Liechti (SWI)PDF (0.6 Mbyte)
 Toptherm and TopTask for WGC 2006 Edward Hindman (USA) 
 Alerting concepts Olivier Liechti (SWI)PDF (0.01 Mbyte)
 MTOaltertingsystem Ghislaine Facon (FRA)PDF (0.2 Mbyte)
2. Evaluation of flight recorders
 Climb or glide? Alfred Ultsch (GER)PDF (0.3 Mbyte)
 Meteorological simulation of soaring flights Olivier Liechti (SWI) 
3. Meteorology and climatology
 Lee waves Andreas Dörnbrack (GER) 
 What is a microlift Joachim Kuettner (USA)PDF (1.4 Mbyte)
 Climatic changes of gliding conditions Zafer Aslan (TUR)PDF (1.7 Mbyte)
 Enhancing convection in arid climate Markus Stracke (AUT)JPG (0.3 Mbyte)
 Lee waves from small maountains Carsten Lindemann (GER)PDF (2.9 Mbyte)
 Windsysteme und Thermik im Gebirge Martin Dinges (GER) 
 Waves and safety Wolf-Dieter Herold (SWI)PDF (1.9 Mbyte)
4. OSTIV homepage
 Martin informed the group about our homepage.
For all news about OSTIV activities or projects, please contact our webmaster Martin. A CD will be made with all the presentations and distributed after this meeting.
5. Further events 2005
5.1Next training - workshop OSTIV MET-Panel in 2005:
A proposition by french representatives is to have it at St. Auban (FRA) in last week of September from 26/09 to 30/09/2005. The discussion was about : morning seminar and afternoon flights. The installations are well adapted : no transfert from accomodations to airfield or to the seminar. All is at the same place, with a nice sky to fly. All is possible to come with or witout glider and to fly on the gilder of the center.
A first idea of participation: about 8 persons are interessed to come. So, the meeting asked to the french representative to give confirmation of this, and if possible, to organise it.
More about St Auban:
5.2Next Seminar in November 2005:
If need it, decision in September in St Auban.
5.2XXIX OSTIV-Congress:
In Uppsala, Sweden, during WGC 2006 (AC), everybody is invited to present a paper.
6.Any other business
6.1Météorologie et VàV - a French contribution by Olivier Liechti:
The meteorology course with animations for pilots was made in St Auban by M. Mioche, instructor, and the meteorological commission of FFVV, the french federation. Actual in french and german. Please, somebody to translate in english.
French and German Version
6.2OSTIV-Dr. Joachim Kuettner Prize for a 2500 km straight distance flight
6.3Sports archives by Manfred Reinhardt
6.4The future of Technical Soaring:
list 1 and 2 on web site, list 3 soon
6.5Update of WMO Technical Note No. 158 (handbook of meteorological forecasting for soaring flight):
make a list of matter to be improve with the list od contents for next meeting.
6.6The role of the OSTIV MET Panel:
a great discussion was about the role of this assembly. FAI and OSTIV are associated members. The OSTIV is involve in technics and meteorology, but not in sporting part. All results of workshops are published under the responsability of their authors, on the web site for information to all pilots or sporting organisations. Even for more information, everybody can ask to the authors or chairman. So, a great part of this assembly agree that no recommandations can be made to the sporting organisations.
6.7Soaring in Siberian, a movie by René Heise (41 Mbyte)

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