Workshop and Flight Camp Meteorological Panel

24 - 30 September 2007
St. Auban, France


Flight Camp

Some meteorologists used this wonderful gliding conditions in the Provence. Thermals over the mountains up to more than 3000m at that time of the year and surface temperatures of almost 30 degrees. Of course they were also strong enough to climb even with the ASK16, the motorglider from the Freie Universitšt Berlin. This aircraft is well equipped with a lot of meteorological sensors. But after 2 days of circling in thermals a cold front passed St.Auban. On the rear the northerly flow with a very cold air mass produced some waves. It was great to feel in the air what was discussed later in the lectures ... or in the evening informal discussions.


Minutes of Workshop

Friday 28th 19:30hrs
Official welcome by the local organizer FFVV
Celebration of Ghislaine Facon for her FAI-Pelagia Majewska Gliding Medal
She got from FAI for her flying activities (a lot of women world records) and her efforts in meteorology as well

Saturday 29th 09:00hrs -1800 hrs


  Olivier Liechti, Switzerland
Operational predictions of the potential flight distance for soaring in wind and thermals
Olivier presented his recent findings of forecasting tool for glider pilots and some examples of evaluation during competitions.
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Edward Hindman, City College NY, USA
Results of using the Regional atmospheric Modelling System and Top Task Competition in planning and verifying glider flights during three competitions 2006-2007 on the East Coast of the USA
Ward assisted some competitions as a meteorologist and used the combined forecasting tool of Oliviers "Top Task Competiton" and the RAMS. Now he showed some verification of this product.
PDF (1 Mbyte), PDF document

Beda Sigrist, Switzerland
TherMap - new aspects
Beda gave a very impressive lecture about his calculations for the "hot spots" in mountainous areas, based on the incoming short wave radiation and a high resolution model of the orography.
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Christoph Maul, Germany
Some statistics with logger-files
Christoph tried to find an answer to the question "What statistics can be done with a big amount of logger files?" As you can see in his presentation, the answer is not easy.
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Rene Heise, Germany
Mountain Wave Project-Operation Mendoza, Aconcangua-Tupungato-Region, Argentina
A very lively show was presented by Rene of some spectacular lights in heavy turbulence around the highest peaks of the Cordillere.
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Hermann Trimmel, Austria
My personal Meteorological flight planning in Argentina
If you have only a small input, do not expect too much output. This message showed Hermann in an example of his personal meteorological preparation in the Andes.
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Jean Paul Fieque, France
Presentation of his new book for VV and VL
On behalf of Jean Paul Ghislaine presented his brand new book "Meteo du vol a voile et du vol libre". It contains general chapters about airmass, meteorological interpretation of meteorological products ect, and it also focuses on favourable meteorological situations especially for France with some examples of record flights there.
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Francois Hersen, France
Presentation of the web-site "Microclimat"
Francois startet his work for himself. He wanted to optimize his meteorological flight planning via internet, but now he offers for free his home-page for everybody. This website gives an excellent example how all this amount of available information on the internet can be streamlined to a very practical and helpful source of meteorological support.
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A small group of experts writes a new version of the WMO-Handbook, Technical Note 158. Olivier Liechti, the Chairman of this group, presented the present status and the future steps to get finished at the end of 2008.

"Meteorological education for glider pilots" Ghislaine Facon raised up the question of the appropriate education in meteorology for different levels of pilots. There is a strong feeling in the group, that this subject should be discussed with experts of the "Training and Safety Panel".
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At the end of the discussions Olivier Liechti presented the forecasting tool "Top-Task" for the French people and got a very enthusiastic applause for this product and his presentation.

Next Meeting

Time: Those present all agreed to have the next meeting at the end of September 2008.
Where? Carsten offered to organize it in Berlin again and Hermann proposed Vienna. It is not decided up to now and further proposals are very welcome.

OSTIV Congress
Before the next Panel Meeting will take place we have to consider the OSTIV-Congress from 6th to 13th of August 2008. The "call for papers" is now open, deadline for submission is 15 May 2008. - -> XXIX OSTIV Congress

I am looking forward to seeing some of you there or to enjoy your presentations

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