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Campaign diary on 22 August 2008

Just another day of organising plenty of things on base. But we (Martin, Christian and Florian) took the chance to leave the base for the first time after 3 days on-base, and visited Tokyo. After a short walk through Ginza and central Tokyo, we met Nakazawa-san and Bessho-san at the JMA. During our visit we also had the big honour to get a short audience with Hiraki-san, the director-general of JMA. In the evening we enjoyed a great dinner at a Yakitori place that served Japanese skewers with nearly any pieces of animals ranging from hearts to tongues. Finally, we managed to find the right train back to Atsugi, and there were no problems entering the base again.

The Falcon will arrive in Atsugi tomorrow.

Author: Florian H.

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