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Campaign diary on 26 August 2008

The day of the first Falcon flight: Takeoff was at 07:20 LT from Atsugi Air Base; Flight duration was about 3h55min, so landing was around 10:55 LT. We all were quite strained, how this flight would be. Procedures with ATC worked well, but dropsondes could only only be jected over the Pacific Ocean. During this first flight 9 sondes were dropped, distributed to the GTS by DWD and all arrived at the three forcast models that we checked (ECMWF, NOGAPS, JMA). The performance of the DIAL system was good, but the wind lidar had major problems. The laser was not operating as he was expected to do and no wind observations were gathered. Rudi's statements to the laser performance were not very optimistic, but he and the other lidar people started with doing ground tests immediately in the afternoon. In the evening it seemed that the wind lidar laser system was operating again. We decided to do a short test flight on the next day, just to test the wind lidar system. The mood of the group was a little depressed due to this instrumental problem.

Author: Florian H.

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