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Campaign diary on 31 August 2008

Following, the disappointment yesterday, there were several positive surprises today. Benny, the hero of the day, somehow managed to get the wind lidar working and actually measure some wind. Rudi anounced to look for a job in the black forest region. The wind lidar coverage was poor, but this could be due to very low aerosol concentrations as seen in the DIAL observations. So again, more work to do on the wind lidar. Doris operated the dropsonde system for the first time and did not even seem very exausted after a flight with 15 dropsondes. Some problems occured with the dropsonde submission to the GTS via Iridium. Some sondes were processed again right after landing and submitted to the GTS from the ground. Most of the sondes appeared in ECMWF, but not in JMA and NOGAPS due to incorrect routeing in Exeter and Washington. The day ended with a great BBQ in the courtyard of the hotel.

Author: Martin W.

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