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Campaign diary on 02 September 2008

The mission today finally showed that the wind lidar is not working properly, also in conditions with more aerosol than during the last mission. Some say, the wind lidar should rather be called cloud detector at its current stage. Help from Lockheed Martin seems to be the last change and needs to be scheduled ASAP. We hope that Mark Vercauter from Lockheed will leave for Japan on Thursday, but we still need to get a quote first, then getting a PO approved at DLR and the trip scheduled. With all the problems of the wind lidar, it sometimes gets neglected that we had a successful mission with great DIAL observations and plenty of dropsondes. Doris is becoming an experienced dropsonde operator, although some clusering of the dropsonde positions occurred and regularity could be improved.

Thanks to this relatively quiet morning, the gallery is finally working. Also without knowing anything about html-programming we managed to get the script running. The page is far away from being perfect and up to date, but the situation improves further and further. No flight for the Falcon is planned for tomorrow, next possible flight on Thursday morning local time.

Author: Martin W. and Florian H.

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