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Campaign diary on 03 September 2008

Organizing support from Loackheed Martin is progressing well, thanks to Gerhard Ehret and Ulrich Schumann for the quick approval. Mark Vercauteren is scheduled to arrive in Atsugi on Friday. Another interesting targeting mission in the Japanese sea is planned for tomorrow and finally we know how to apply for access to the restricted areas. We managed to get access to at least one of the two big training areas for the flight tomorrow, the other one is busy until 11 September. The full procedure for ATC notification and flight plan submissions is now in the hands of DLR, which seems to significantly reduce the hassle for JMA and DLR. After the mission tomorrow, we will start dismantling the lidar systems for the repair on the ground and the Falcon is expected to stay on the ground 5-7 September.

Author: Martin W.

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