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Campaign diary on 05 September 2008

Finally, a rest days for most of the team without TV visitors or other disturbances. We even skipped the daily planning meeting at 8:00 am once! Only Benni, Rudi, Axel and Andreas had to work hard on removing the wind lidar from the plane, but two of them visited Tokyo a few days ago and Andreas is still fresh and energetic as he just arrived recently (maybe except the cold that he is still suffering from...). The removal worked well and it was possible to get the wind lidar out without removing major components of the DIAL - as shown in Martin Wirth's 3D model before. I was surprised how much our lidar scientists believe in models despite blaming meteorologist for living in virtual model realities sometimes. Lisa, Florian, Doris and Christian went to Hakone and relaxed in a Japanese Onsen, Benni and I visited Yokohama. A very enjoyable day, except maybe the liver dish that Benni ordered accidently in China Town.

A full rest day is scheduled for tomorrow (except for the lidr crew), and for the first time, we will not attend the daily planning meeting at 8:00 in the morning. Finally there is a chance to catch up on sleep. In the evening, Bessho-san guided us to a great restaurant with Korean BBQ and a nice bar with sake and sotchu afterwards.

Author: Martin W.

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