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Campaign diary on 06 September 2008

Mark Vercauteren, the expert from Lockheed Martin, started to work on the wind lidar. The adjustmentsthat are possible without opening the lidar did not lead to a beeter state than reached by Benni's procedure. Then they started the surgery in the clean room tent, finally the tent proved to be a good investment of DLR - although for a layperson it looked more like IKEA quality and the group needed quite a while to find out how to put it up.

Mark's work improved the performence step by step, but then te end of a fiber burned, I believe the one for the outgoing signal of the pump laser. There is little hope to receive a spare part and the team is hoping to find polishing and cleaning materials in Tokyo tomorrow depsite tomorrow is Sunday. Bessho-san was asked for support, maybe not too happy for the saturday night phone call, but quickly ready to help.

Author: Martin W.

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