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Campaign diary on 08 September 2008

Polishing materials for the fibers of the wind lidar arrived in the afternoon, again thanks to Bessho-san, Japanese fast delivery by motorcycle, and Christian who carried things from DLR to Japan on his flight today. Work started right after that, first results looked promising, but it's too early to tell. A targeting mission (TCS037) is scheduled for tomorrow, followed by an ET mission on Thursday, and then the new system to the south (TCS033) looks more promising. Nakazawa-san would prefer to go to Okinawa rather today than on Thursday, lloks like the first recurvature event is finally in sight.

Andreas was struggling with the installation of the DIAL, for some reason the data acquisition did not work, it could be the control card or due to the lightning near the hangard last night. Also the Falcon seemed to have some power problems. The sad thing is that the DIAL worked perfectly before removing it for the wind lidar. The flight for tomorrow will happen nevertheless, maybe it works in air.

Author: Martin W.

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