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Campaign diary on 12 September 2008

The day of cancellations. DOTSTAR cancelled the Shinlaku mission because the island was already affected by Shinlaku and concerns about flight conditions in the associated rain bands. The Falcon had to cancel due to cross winds exceeding the limit at Kadena and also the P-3 cancelled.

Requests to file a flight plan for tomorrow lead to some discussions as people are making requests without the efforts of really justifying the mission objectives or sending a sample flight plan. I refuse to file a flight plan just in case but without a real justification, maybe I'm a bit to straight forward on this concern, in particular for Asian, but the team including myself is really exausted after the efforts on last-minute lidar repairs and integration before Shinlaku followed a double mission yesterday. In the evening we have another great BBQ that cheers up the mood of the team.

Shinlaku isn't really behaving well, still wabbling around far to the south and predictions say it may even hit China before recurvature, where could not observe it.

Author: Martin W.

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