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Campaign diary on 14 September 2008

The targeting mission for Shinlaku is performed as scheduled. Finally, things are running quite smoothly. There is the option to do a similar mission tomorrow, but it seems that we would spend quite some flight time to only get part of the northern sensitive area.

In the DPM the argument arises that it is better to do targeting when the storm starts to move again whereas yesterday the argument was that the highest uncertainty is while it is wabbling around and does not know what to do. ET people also raise the argument that it would be better to rest in case ET will continue until Sunday (it's Monday today!), not a very convincing argument to cancel a mission tomorrow. However, in the end everyone agrees that tomorrows mission should be cancelled. Today's mission already looks unfavourable for lidars due to clouds, but tomorrow looks even worse, an argument that finally convinces Florian and myself to agree to cancelling.

Author: Martin W.

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