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Campaign diary on 18 September 2008

Due to working time limits only a single Falcon fligth is scheduled. The outflow of Sinlaku will be covered by the C-130 and also the P-3 is flying today. The Falcon flies into the Japanese sea, unfortunately without getting access to the big training area there. The objective is the interface between the jet and Shinlaku and some observations in the jet. On the satellite image it seems that we still cover the outflow of the system although flying quite north of Shinlaku. A sharp humidity gradient is seen near Korea that will be investigated by Johannes. Another ET flight will be made tomorrow, but then the crew finally neeeds a rest day.

It's the last day for Florian in Atsugi and we'll miss him. I think he will also miss Atsugi, but with Andreas and Johannes things should be in good hands as well - and we'll have Florian working in Monterey in the short period that we are sleeping in Atsugi. We sit outside in the courtyard of the hotel while Shinlaku is approaching, but actually the system is quite unimpressive here. Heavy rain, but not much wind - the thunderstorms earlier during the campaing were a lot more exciting!

Author: Martin W.

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