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Campaign diary on 19 September 2008

We are now doing the third day of ET observations, but it's still not clear if Sinlaku actually became extra-tropical, if it is going back and forth between states or if it is still tropical. We fly north and northeast into the jet, while the US aircraft cover Shinlaku itself. The Americans decide to continue observations on Saturday, but the Falcon crew will need a down day.

I skipped the pre-flight briefing and the daily planning meeting today, thanks to Sarah and slept 10 hours like a stone, but still I have the feeling that I would need a leest weeks of sleep to catch up again. Last night I made plans to leave to Tokyo in the afternoon to finally get some rest from T-PARC, but Sarah's phone call in the morning changes things. The forecast now shows that Sinlaku should be quite strong and still within reach of the Falcon on 21 September and we are all quickly convinced that this is a great opportunity to complete the sequence of observations for Sinlaku from nearly the formation to the very end. A pitty that my personal regeneration plan won't work out though.

Author: Martin W.

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