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Campaign diary on 22 September 2008

Hakupit is moving west as forcast and will be out of range tomorrow. We hope for TCS047, the system behind it, but it seems there will finally be a few quiet days for the first time durning the campaign. Right now the first mission for the TCS047 seems to be five days away, we hope ECMWF is right on the development!

Stephan has finally successfully processed some wind lidar data! The result of the observations on 18 September looks very promising, but in particular the new GPS and related issues result in a much more time-consuming processing than usally. Thanks to Simon for helping out on this! He is not terribly happy about getting the most boring job, but at least it's a very important one. There are still some concerns that it may not be possible to process all of the observations early during the campaign due to all the GPS issues, or that it could take a lot longer than expected, but Stephan is working on it.

Author: Martin W.

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