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Campaign diary on 28 September 2008

The Falcon is repaired again and took of for Kadena today. The mission was successful, but the convection north and north-east kept us busy today. The second flight (local flight from Kadena) had to be changed completely, but Frank is well experienced by now and changing the flight plan only causes a delay of 30 minutes. With the new plan we were also a bit lucky as the track stayed just a little north of the strong convection. Bessho-san used re-programmed dropsondes for the first times, but the performance of them is not convincing him, still some sondes are missing winds.

The crew is now sitting in Kadena without any dinner, the last restaurant closed at 10 p.m., but their mood seems to be OK, at least there is beer at the reception I heard.

Author: Martin W.

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