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Campaign diary on 2 October 2008

- The day of our last Daily Planning Meeting -

We finished the flights yesterday and planned a final meeting to discuss the results for today, followed by a BBQ with guest from JMA and NAF Atsugi. It wouldn't be T-PARC if things would run that smoothly. Our mechanics and pilots are busy with the issues of the Falcon flares, 2 hours before our "celebration" BBQ we hear that Falcon won't be able to go through Canada due to safety concerns caused by unreliable function of the flares. The disappointment clearly reduces our excitement to celebrate, but after our guests arrive, we have a very nice evening. Unfortunately, many people from the aircraft facility miss the first half of the BBQ, but we are very gald that Nakazawa-san and Komori-san from JMA could come and Allan Howard from the Atsugi Weather Office.

Author: Martin W.

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