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10. - 26. September 2007
Athens, Greece
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Scientific Topics and Lecturers

The conference will cover all aspects of the impact of the different modes of transport (aviation, road transport, shipping etc.) on atmospheric chemistry, micro-physics, radiation and climate. The lecturers will include (list is subject to changes):
  • D. Balis (AUTH, Greece)
  • U. Cubasch (FUB, Germany),
  • J. Fuglestvedt (CICERO, Norway),
  • K. Gierens (DLR, Germany),
  • T. Halenka (CUNI, Czech Republic),
  • I. Isaksen (UiO, Norway),
  • H. Kelder (KNMI, The Netherlands),
  • D. Lee (MMU, UK),
  • J. Lelieveld (MPICHEM, Germany),
  • A. Minikin (DLR, Germany),
  • R. Paoli (CERFACS, France),
  • M. Ponater (DLR, Germany),
  • K. Rypdal (CICERO, Norway),
  • R. Sausen (DLR, Germany),
  • H. Schlager (DLR, Germany),
  • K. Shine (UREADMY, UK),
  • J. Staehelin (ETH, Switzerland),
  • G. Tselioudis (NASA/GISS, USA),
  • C. Zerefos (NKUA, Greece),
  • I. Ziomas (NTUA, Greece)

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