Local Experiment





Local Experiment 


TROCCINOX-1 (2004)


The TROCCINOX-1 campaign is based in the State of São Paulo (Brazil). IPMET at Bauru is organising the Brazilian counterpart of TROCCINOX. It is operating a network of two S-Band Doppler radars (at Bauru and Presidente Prudente). IPMET is also hosting the HIBISCUS balloon facilities which is operating out of Bauru. The TROCCINOX operations have also been guided partly from the Bauru center which  provided local weather forecasts for the campaign.


IPMET is also operating a ground based network of instrumentation of various kind.


The Bauru regional airport is too small for operating the TROCCINOX aircraft out of this base. Therefore, the new EMBRAER airport at Gavião Peixoto was selected as an operational base. It is located about 80 km NW of Bauru close to the city of Araraquara. Total runway length is 5 km.


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TROCCINOX-2 (2005)


TROCCINOX-2 is performed during January and February 2005 in the State of São Paulo. IPMET as the local host is coordinating the Brasilian TroCCiBras project, whose major contributions are the radar measurements from the Bauru and Presidente Prudente weather radars, the INPE Bandeirante aircraft and meteorological ground based and radiosonde measurements. 


Both TROCCINOX aircraft, the Falcon and the Geophyica, are operated out of Aracatuba.



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