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Lectures on Climate Physics
Daisyworld and Radiative Processes
University of Bremen

Lecturer:        Veronika Eyring
E-mail:            Veronika Eyring
Date:              19 June 2008, Pavillion
Time:              Thursday 8 – 11 a.m.

Abstract:  The lecture on Daisyworld and Radiative Processes is part of the lectures on Climate Physics by Prof. Dr. P. Lemke, see

DOWNLOAD Lecture Script as pdf-file (1,1Mb)

Special topics of this lecture are:

Part 1: Daisyworld
Daisyworld Description
Modelling Daisy World

Part 2: Radiation  Processes

Basic Radiometric Quantities
Radiation Laws
Absorption, Scattering, Reflection
Radiative Transfer

Further Reading:
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