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Three Windcube 200S are currently located in the upper Silesian coal basin to measure vertical profiles of wind speed, wind direction and turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer. The lidars are placed in distances of 20-50km as shown on this map:

Rybnik Aeroklub (DLR85)

Agritourism "The Glade" (DLR86)

"Hotel Pustelnik" (DLR89)
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Below, quicklooks of the most recent measurements are presented.
Use live data with care and suspicion. Incomplete data transfer can cause wind retrieval errors (especially for DLR86 and DLR85).

Lidar data

Latest 10-min averaged vertical wind profile

Download Ascii files here.

"Hotel Pustelnik" (DLR89) wind profile evolution

"Rybnik airport" (DLR85) wind profile evolution

"The Glades - Agritourim" (DLR86) wind profile evolution

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