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     Spec.Issue in Met.Zet.     25 Sep 2009

Special Issue in Meteorologische Zeitschrift

Following the tradition initiated after the ICAM 2003 in Brig, we offer you the opportunity to publish your original research presented at the ICAM 2009 in Rastatt (orally or as a poster) in a special issue of the research journal MetZet scheduled to appear in the second half of 2010. The thematic scope of the special issue follows that of the conference, including
  o   heavy convective precipitation and hydrological mechanisms over lower mountains
          with special emphasis on the Vosges-Black Forest and Mediterranean regions
          (projects COPS, ETReC-07 and HYMEX);
  o   data assimilation and predictability issues over mountainous regions,
          (including results of MAP D-PHASE);
  o   snow and ice in mountainous terrain, with preparations for the
          2010 Olympics as one focus;
  o   mountain climate, extreme events and associated risks;
  o   regional impacts of climate change, e.g. on ecological and socio-economic systems.

The programme chair Günther ZÄNGL agreed to act as guest-editor-in-charge. He will receive assistance from a guest-editorial team composed of Stefan EMEIS, Stephen MOBBS, Evelyne RICHARD, and Hans VOLKERT.

The extended deadline for submission is 30 October 2009.

Further important information is collected here. Be sure to indicate "MetZet ICAM-2009 article" when submitting your paper.

Enquiries should be directed to Günther Zängl (Email: Guenther.Zaengl 'at'
He appreciates to receive titles and abstracts of intended submissions by 15 Oct. 2009.

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