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     Extended Abstracts     10 Feb 2010

Extended Abstracts

At ICAM-2009, all presenters were given the possibility to submit a 2-page Extended Abstract of their presentation (poster or oral). The official deadline of submission was
3 April 2009 , with some flexibility for late-comers.

From all submissions the Volume of Extended Abstracts was compiled. It appeared in print as Volume 44 of Annalen der Meteorologie, published by Deutscher Wetterdienst. Its purpose is to aid selections at the conference and to serve as a valuable reference afterwards.

Here the various portions of the volume can be viewed or downloaded (incl. colour figures):
- Title pages, impressum etc. (4 pp., 1.7 MB),
- Foreword, Programme (pp. i-xviii, 0.3 MB),
- Oral Presentations (pp. 1-126, 23.4 MB),
- Poster Presentations (pp. 127-256, 30.5 MB),
- Author Index (pp. 257-259, 0.3 MB),

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