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Rastatt can be reached easily by public transportation (cf. below). In town most distances are walkable; see city plan with locations of Badner Halle, hotels and Rastatt sights. The micro-brewery "Hopfenschlingel" is the venue of the buffet dinner on Wednesday, 13 May.

From the train station (Bahnhof) to Badnerhalle, you can take a city bus, a taxi, or you walk for 10-15 min in a southwesterly direction.

To Rastatt by train

Rastatt lies on the main train line through the upper Rhine valley: Frankfurt - Karlsruhe - Rastatt - Freiburg. However, a number of fast trains do not stop in Rastatt. Please use the query page of Deutsche Bahn to find a fitting connection and, possibly, to obtain your ticket. ("FRA Frankfurt airport" and "Rastatt" are entered as "start" and "destination" in the stored example together with Sunday, 10 May.)

If you pay by credit-card, you can obtain the ticket straightaway by Email as pdf-file, and print it yourself. Both, print-out and credit-card have to be shown to the conductor. Otherwise tickets can be obtained from counters or machines at all stations, which accept notes & coins as well as credit-cards. Guidance in English is mostly possible. The regular one-way fare from in 2nd class from FRA to RA is 38 ; advance booking more than 3 days prior to the journey may be possible for 29 (but this is fixed for the pre-selected train).

Note: Your (final) connection from Karlsruhe to Rastatt may be by fast local train (S-Bahn lines, e.g. S4, S31 or S32). These look like city-trams, some depart on the square in front of Karlsruhe station (Bahnhofsvorplatz; below on the map). They later join the railroad network and proceed efficiently. Do not get confused by this speciality of the Karlsruhe area.
Railroad works on the track may diminish the high frequency of S-Bahn-trains and number of stops between Karlsruhe and Rastatt, but regional trains and running S-Bahns southbound from Karlsruhe all stop in Rastatt.

Air travel

The easiest gateway to Germany from abroad is Frankfurt airport (FRA). Full information can be found here. For on overview map of the terminals in relation to both railway stations within the airport click here (most trains to Rastatt via Karlsruhe leave at 'Fernbahnhof').

The regional airport Baden Airpark lies some 15 km south of Rastatt. It offers direct links to a number of European destinations (e.g. Berlin, Hamburg, Alicante, Roma, Stockholm, London [Stansted]). Transfer to Rastatt is simplest by taxi. There is also a regular bus service to Baden-Baden train station and from there frequent trains to Rastatt.

To Rastatt by car

Rastatt lies between the Rhine-valley motorways A5 (in Germany) and A35 (in France); inspect the map for details.

Parking is possible in an underground garage below Badnerhalle (fee) or in the residential area south of the river Murg (cf. city plan; use pedestrian bridge at Badnerhalle).

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